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Must-Have iPad Apps

I use an iPad 2018 every day, a work and leisure tool with which I usually spend many hours and which has become an inseparable companion. Since I started using an iPad, 5 years ago, I have been changing my utilities, in such a way that every time it is something more functional for me.

iPad Apps

For that reason, I have compiled all those applications that I use to a greater extent, not including native ones such as Notes or Podcast. They are, from my point of view, those that are necessary to get the best out of the iPad. There are not all that is, so complete this list with yours.

Essential iPad Apps

Scanner App – Scanbot

Of all the ones I have tried it is the ultimate scanner. It has synchronization with cloud services and not only dares with documents, but with QR and barcode codes. has caused me to permanently discard my desktop scanner.


It is a great email manager, in competition with Spark. What I like the most is that it is finally in Spanish, although some words are poorly translated, and that its interface is a work of art. It also has a dark mode, which is appreciated.


I use it mainly as a form of escape. It is a musical app to which we dedicate a review and that is ideal for creating musical environments in a simple way. The little ones hallucinate with her.


A VPN is essential if you browse Wi-Fi networks that you have no control over, such as public ones. It works very well and gives you 10 GB free per month, they can be more than enough although if they fall short they have interesting price plans.


It allows you to create and edit documents from the famous Office suite. It is very intuitive and its possibilities are enormous. It saves you turning on the computer on many occasions.


The ultimate task organizer, whether you work alone or are on a project, the idea is to use it. Its advantages are enormous, free, clear and intuitive.


Its free 50 GB of cloud storage makes it a great candidate if you are considering looking for a service as such. Fast, easy to use and with encryption so your files are safe.

How To Make Per Your Health Bill Payments Through Phone

PerYourHealth is the best way to pay your hospital bill payments online at It provides great convenience to the patients or their concerned persons to make the bill payments on the go. The users can access the website of peryourhealth and make the payments using their credit cards or debit cards or through online banking or checking. Apart from online payments, the Peryourhealth bill payment services can be used to make the payments through phone. Per Your Health provides a safe, secure and easy to use the process to make your payments online through the website

peryourhealth portal

Bill Payments Through SmartPhone

Another possibility is to make bill payments with the help of one respective Smart Phone. In order to initiate and complete the whole process, the medical portal must and should accept the bill payment at the

If it is confirmed, it can begin the process right immediately and make all payments successful. Now let us go through the steps undergone while accessing the respective Smartphone. Therefore, here we go.

  • Take your mobile, and move to the phone dial and enter the 888-442-8447 contact number. Make a call for having a successful health bill payment service through it.
  • And then you are requested to enter the account number. Provide the same and pick the payment option you like to go with either banking/ credit/ debit card respectively.
  • Once the payment is successful, the person is going to receive a confirmation message on the respective smartphone.
  • That’s all!!! As simple as that.

Make Per Your Health Bill Payments Through Phone

If you don’t have a device with an internet connection or if you are not comfortable using the computer to make your bill payments, you can also choose to pay through the phone. All you need to is call the Per Your Health number and follow the instructions providing the information that has been asked during the process. Here you can find the details regarding the bill payment through per your health phone services.

To begin the bill payment process through the Per Your Health phone services, you need to make sure that you have an accepted source of payment like credit or debit card of Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover or valid online banking or checking details. You will also need the billing statement that has been issued by the hospital or your health care provider. If you have these details and documents available with you, then dial the Per Your Health phone number 888 – 442 – 8447. You will be asked to provide the ID which is the account number available on the billing statement issued by your health care provider or the hospital. Then you will be informed about the patient details and the pending amount. Once you confirm the details and found them to be correct, the command to make the payment. You need to provide the appropriate payment details like card number, CVV or security code, expiration date etc., in case you choose to pay through credit card or debit card of Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover and banking details like bank account number, bank routing number, etc., if you choose to pay through the account checking. After providing the appropriate details, submit them.

Upon successful completion of your payment, you will receive the transaction details either through an email or through a text message on your phone. Make sure that you save these payment and transaction details for any requirement in the future.

How Coding Can Improve Math Performance

The incorporation of children into the world of new technologies in general and programming, in particular, is more and more necessary every day in an increasingly digital environment. The emergence of new professions and the transformation of traditional ones make it inevitable that children learn these skills as soon as possible.


Coding Can Improve Math Performance

Along these lines, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated in an interview with MIT Technology Review that “learning to program should be mandatory for any student in public and private schools.” In this sense, there are different initiatives that promote the development of skills in digital and technological matters from an early age. Let’s see some of them.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic, the math won’t be difficult again

The human brain is divided into two parts: the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Each of the parties processes the information in a different way. Despite its more than 100,000 million neurons, humans only take advantage of 10% of its potential. It weighs approximately 1,360 kg and, on the one hand, the left side thinks in words, and the right side thinks in pictures.

The current lifestyle encourages people to develop more the left hemisphere, however, the right hemisphere hides great potential. Great characters like, for example, Albert Einstein owed their genius to the fact that their right hemisphere had a high level of development.

During the first years of life, the neural connections that determine the configuration of the adult brain are formed. Therefore, the connections that are not strengthened during this important stage will die.

In this context, and in order to favour the creation of a dense neural network, the Aloha Mental Arithmetic program has created a teaching system aimed at students from 5 to 13 years of age .

They use, among other elements, the oldest known calculation instrument: the abacus. Through a rectangular structure, with index cards that slide with the fingers along with columns, children learn to perform arithmetic operations using this ancient instrument. With practice and over time they are able to visualize it in their head and learn to perform the operations mentally. In this way, children learn to solve complex calculations quickly in a fun way.

The Aloha Mental Arithmetic program bases its operation precisely on the fact that all received numerical stimuli are processed directly in the left hemisphere. Most people who have not developed their right hemisphere solve any arithmetic operation on the left hemisphere itself. Instead, a person who has trained her mind with the Aloha Mental Arithmetic program will activate both parts of the brain. Therefore, the individual sends the numerical information from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere, where the numerical stimulus will be transformed into images. An imaginary abacus will be built with which the arithmetic operation will be performed. The image generated at the end of the operation will return to the left hemisphere where it will be translated back into numerical language.

In addition, and thanks to this system of teaching mathematics, children not only prosper in this subject but also in other disciplines, since it increases their confidence when facing new challenges.

Talentum Schools, training in technological and digital skills for the little ones
Talentum Schools is, on the other hand, Telefónica’s program that offers children and young people free training and exchange of knowledge in digital skills in schools throughout Spain. More than 20,000 students have benefited from the face-to-face courses and online workshops given through the initiative’s platform since its creation in 2013.

Talentum Schools encourages the digital vocation of the youngest through innovative courses in digital skills. Subjects include robotics, mobile apps, programming, augmented reality, design, and electronics.

In addition, and as a differential feature of the program, most of the Talentum Schools mentors are young students and professionals who come from Telefonica’s Talentum program. And they are responsible, and a fundamental key, for the success and good reception that the program has had since its inception among students, parents and educators.