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Must-Have iPad Apps

I use an iPad 2018 every day, a work and leisure tool with which I usually spend many hours and which has become an inseparable companion. Since I started using an iPad, 5 years ago, I have been changing my utilities, in such a way that every time it is something more functional for me.

iPad Apps

For that reason, I have compiled all those applications that I use to a greater extent, not including native ones such as Notes or Podcast. They are, from my point of view, those that are necessary to get the best out of the iPad. There are not all that is, so complete this list with yours.

Essential iPad Apps

Scanner App – Scanbot

Of all the ones I have tried it is the ultimate scanner. It has synchronization with cloud services and not only dares with documents, but with QR and barcode codes. has caused me to permanently discard my desktop scanner.


It is a great email manager, in competition with Spark. What I like the most is that it is finally in Spanish, although some words are poorly translated, and that its interface is a work of art. It also has a dark mode, which is appreciated.


I use it mainly as a form of escape. It is a musical app to which we dedicate a review and that is ideal for creating musical environments in a simple way. The little ones hallucinate with her.


A VPN is essential if you browse Wi-Fi networks that you have no control over, such as public ones. It works very well and gives you 10 GB free per month, they can be more than enough although if they fall short they have interesting price plans.


It allows you to create and edit documents from the famous Office suite. It is very intuitive and its possibilities are enormous. It saves you turning on the computer on many occasions.


The ultimate task organizer, whether you work alone or are on a project, the idea is to use it. Its advantages are enormous, free, clear and intuitive.


Its free 50 GB of cloud storage makes it a great candidate if you are considering looking for a service as such. Fast, easy to use and with encryption so your files are safe.