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How to Find Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

Most Apple users know that an iPhone belonging to someone else is totally useless in someone else’s hands. Therefore, the first decision when finding a lost iPhone is to find a way to return it to its owner, when you know who it is. Otherwise, and given the security measures that make it difficult to block the mobile to search for information, Apple proposes another solution.

Lost or Stolen iPhone

When you don’t know how to locate the owner of a lost iPhone, Apple recommends turning to Siri. And it is that according to how the company has thought, the assistant is the one who knows the owner of the mobile the most and fortunately is configured to continue working when we need it most.

Not knowing who owns the iPhone is no longer an excuse

According to a publication shared by the cult of mac, several questions are advised to ask Siri to find out the identity of the owner of an iPhone. In this sense, it is recommended to start by asking Siri “whose iPhone is this?” Assuming the owner has saved their details correctly, you will see their name, address, and phone number. If that fails, there are more opportunities.

When the obvious question fails, Siri can also be prompted for actions like “call mom” or “call dad” to report the situation and ask for owner details. This could also work with requests like “call my wife” or “call my son.”

In case of success with the above suggestions, it is recommended to leave the device turned on and pay attention to the search messages that appear on the lock screen. The owner can send an alert to the device including contact details or just call.

As a last resort, those looking to do a good deed can contact the owner’s operator, who should be able to help. The carrier’s name will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen if the device has a cellular connection.

How to save your data on the iPhone so that they can locate you in case of losing it

In addition to finding a lost iPhone, we can also be on the other side of the situation, therefore it is recommended to make forecasts and save our data so that they can locate us. To do this, we must go to the Contacts application and find our own contact details. Create a new entry if they have not already been saved and add as much information as possible with the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Contacts.
  • Tap My Info.
  • Select your name from your contact list.
  • How to save your contact details on iPhone
  • Make sure your contact details are saved correctly.

As we have seen, both for those who lose an iPhone and for those who find it, there are several options to reverse the situation, making returning or recovering the device easier than it seems.